Advanced Moves

When you level up you can take one of the following moves or one of the moves from your class.

Advanced Tech Use Edit This Move

When using Tech-Use on a 10+ choose no options and on a 7-9 choose one.

Autosanguine Edit This Move

Your blood stream has been blessed with ancient microscopic technology that makes repairs to minor injuries. Whenever you receive healing from rest or medicae treatment heal yourself for an additional +1d4.

Crushing Blow Edit This Move

Your attacks strike with resounding force, add your STR to your damage when using melee weapons.

Dual Wield Edit This Move

When you attack with a melee weapon in each hand, add +1d4 damage to your melee attacks.

Gunslinger Edit This Move

When you fire with a pistol in each hand, add +1d4 damage to your ranged attacks.

Hatred Edit This Move

Your hatred for a particular enemy of the Imperium runs deep. Each time you take this move, select one of the groups below and describe how your hatred took root. You take +1d4 damage ongoing against them.

  • Xenos
  • Criminals
  • Daemons
  • Psykers
  • Mutants

Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer Edit This Move

You gain +1 to Spout Lore rolls about war.

Medicae Training Edit This Move

When you use medical supplies (bandages, medicae kits, etc) to tend to someone's wounds, use the item as normal and roll+INT. On a 10+ choose two, on a 7-9 choose one:

  • Heal for an extra 1d6
  • Don't mark off a use of the supply
  • It takes half the time
  • You remove a debility

On a 6- you might:

  • Mark off an extra use of the supply
  • Heal for half the value, rounded down
  • Take longer

Mighty Shot Edit This Move

You are able to see the weak points in any target, add your DEX to your damage when using ranged weapons.

Parry Edit This Move

When you use your weapon to deflect an incoming melee attack, take +1 to Defy Danger. On a 10+ deal your level in damage to your attacker.

Rapid Reload Edit This Move

When you attempt to reload quickly roll+DEX. On a 10+ you reload your weapon instantly - reset its uses and reduce your ammo by one. On a 7-9 the same in addition to what that the GM says. On a 6- you fumble your reload.

Sacrifishield Edit This Move

When you take damage you can choose to have your shield take the damage instead, destroying it.

Shield Wall Edit This Move

When your allies take cover behind your shield, they gain the armor benefit of your shield.

Shield Weapon Edit This Move

You expertly wield your shield as part of your offense. Add your shield's armor to your melee damage.