Investigator Edit This Class

Investigator is a detective. They've got a nose for heresy.


Choose one from each:

Distrusting eyes, kind eyes, tired eyes

Helmeted head, military cut, or bald

Plain clothes, worn outfit, or uniform

Thin body, fit body, flabby body


Your maximum HP is 8+Constitution.
Your base damage is d6.

Starting Moves

I Am Justice Edit This Move

When you give an NPC an order based on your Inquisitorial authority, roll+CHA. On a 7+, they choose one:

  • Do what you say
  • Back away cautiously, then flee
  • Attack you

On a 10+, you also take +1 forward against them. On a 6-, they do as they please and you take -1 forward against them.

Detective Edit This Move

When you get a 7+ using Discern Realities on a crime scene you also find a clue of value to you. On a 10+ this clue gives you a hunch that the GM will describe.

Confessor Edit This Move

When you torture or manipulate someone to extract information from them roll+INT. On a 7-9 they answer your questions and you choose 2. On a 10+ choose 1 instead.

  • They only answer one question
  • Their answers are vague
  • They resist for longer than you'd planned before they begin to cooperate
  • They attract the attention of those nearby

Take Them Alive Edit This Move

When you successfully hit a vulnerable opponent you can attempt to disable them instead of dealing damage. Roll+STR, on a 7+ they are incapacitated. On a 7-9 choose 1:

  • They get one last attack in
  • You hit harder than you'd planned, maybe killing them
  • They will need some time to recover to be of any use



Show mercy or leniency to an enemy.


Hurt someone more than you need to.


Try something that's so crazy it just might work.


__________ knows much about the enemy's ways, I should use that knowledge.

__________ walks a thin line too close to sedition, I should guide them.

__________ has helped me defeat a formidable foe, I should repay them in kind.


Your load is 8.

You start with Field Rations (1 weight) and a . Choose your melee weapon:

  • Warhammer (Close, +1 damage, 15 thrones, 2 weight)
  • Shock Maul (Close, shocking, 12 thrones, 1 weight)

Choose one:

  • Leather Armor, Chainmail (1 armor, 1 weight, Worn, 10 thrones) and Shield (+1 armor, 1 weight, Worn)
  • Flak Armor (2 armor, 2 weight, 50 thrones, Worn)

Choose one:

  • Data Slate (5 uses, 10 thrones, 1 weight)
  • Field Gear (5 uses, 20 thrones, 1 weight)
  • Auspex (1 weight)

Advanced Moves for Levels 2+

When you level up you may take a new advanced move either from your class or from the general list of advanced moves.

This One's Mine Edit This Move

When you call out a target as your own, you deal +2d4 ongoing to them. This lasts until an ally attacks them, you attack someone else, or the target is defeated. While this is active you deal -4 damage to other targets and your allies deal -2 damage to your named target.

Targeted Investigation Edit This Move

When you put the word out that you're after a specific person or organization before pursuing them, roll+CHA. On a 10+ hold 2, on a 7-9 hold 1. You may spend hold to get an automatic 10+ on rolls that directly involve your target. Proceed with caution, they know you're coming.

Your Eyes Betray You Edit This Move

When you listen closely to someone roll+WIS. On 7-9 the GM will tell you one thing they're lying about – if anything. On a 10+ the same and take +1 forward when acting on that information or against that person.

Torturer Edit This Move

When you roll a 7+ with Confessor you may choose to select zero options from the list. If you do so, roll+Int – on a 6- your captive dies.

Local Informant Edit This Move

When you reach out to a local informant for specific information roll+Cha. On a 10+ you gain some intel and choose one. On a 7-9 the GM will also choose one:

Advanced Moves for Levels 6+

When you level up you may take a new advanced move either from your class or from the general list of advanced moves.