Shattered Hope

Mission briefing

We have received a request for aid from a detachment of the Imperial Guard who were sent to a nearby planet to quell a rebellion. Details are scarce, but what we know is that while fighting the rebels near one of the mines the world is known for, they encountered something worse. The local commander, Commissar Nihilius, has ordered the mine to be sealed shut until the Inquisition can investigate. A more experienced team from the Inquisition is en route, but you are tasked with heading to this planet, meeting with the Commissar located there, and gathering as much intel on the situation as possible.

Questions for the players:


[__] The rebel forces on the planet have mutants among their ranks.
[__] Some grotesque beast attacked both rebels and Guardsmen in the mines.
[__] The rebels are actually members of the Brotherhood of Malice, and seek to free the planet's citizens from life under the Imperium by bringing about their own destruction.
[__] The Brotherhood of Malice are worshippers of the Chaos God Nurgle.
[__] A glowing corrupt crystal stone, the Antithesis Stone, is deep within the Gorgonid Mines, and its warp power is strong. It mutates those that approach it, and as it grows stronger it opens a rift into the empyrean.

Cast: Imperial Guard

Edwin Jurtz: A young and hopeful guardsman, who believes the Acolytes are here to save them. Bright red hair, freckles.
Instinct: To trust in the Imperium

Sergeant Raynard: A gruff guardsman with a bald head and a tattooed scalp. His right arm ends past the elbow, and attached is a metal rod with a disturbing array of attachments. His right eye is a crude false one.
Instinct: To keep order in his camp

Commissar Nihilius: The Commissar is a man in his late thirties with coal black hair and coal black eyes. He wears a simple uniform adorned with a few badges showing his service and a flak vest. Instinct: To perform his duty to the Imperium

Custom Move: Antithesis Energy

When you enter the chamber of the Antithesis Stone, the stone pulses in anger and its energy attempts to mutate you. Roll+CON, on a 10+ you resist the stone entirely. On a 7-9 you resist with much difficulty, take -1 forward. On a miss you take -1 forward and the stone makes a move against you.


Groups, Intelligent, Organized
d8 damage, 6 HP, 1 armor
Weapons: One of Laspistol/Stub Revolver, one of Crowbar/Pickaxe/Wrench
Instinct: To upset the order
The Rebel exists already in Dungeon World, but it’s a horde there and in this setting they work in smaller groups. I’ve changed it to a group which ups the damage from d6 to d8 and the hp from 3 to 6.

Mutant Rebel
Groups, Intelligent, Organized
d8 damage, 10 HP, 1 armor
Weapons: One of Laspistol/Stub Revolver, one of Crowbar/Pickaxe/Wrench
Mutation, choose one: Extra eyes, large eyes, scaled flesh, tentacle appendages, monstrous mouth, extra limbs

Mutant Guardsman
Solitary, Hand
d10 damage, 12 HP, 1 armor
Weapons: fists
This man was once a member of the Imperial Guard, but has been terribly warped by the power of the Antithesis Stone. He feasts on the corpses he finds, and makes new ones when he can. Instinct: to feast on the dead

Mutant Abomination
Solitary, Reach, Forceful
d10+2 damage, 16 HP, 1 armor
Weapon: Jagged claws, fangs
Moves: Toss aside
This creature been tainted so severely that it is nearly unrecognisable as a former human. Its impossibly long arms each end in a single large jagged claw. Tufts of coarse fur emerge at various points on its body, particularly near its lamprey mouth. Instinct: to revel in slaughter In terms of numbers this guy is the Mutant Guardsman with +2 damage, +4 HP and +1 armor. The real threat comes from its long arms which give it a much bigger range and the forceful tag, letting it knock the Acolytes around a bit.

Weak Plaguebearer
Solitary, Terrifying, Close
d10+2 damage, 18 HP, 2 armor
Weapon: Barbed long sword
Moves: Spew vitriol
This writhing mass of decay and malaise is weaker than most Plaguebearers, as it has only been partially summoned, but it is no less repulsive. Instinct: To spread rot

Move: Nurglenomics
When a Plaguebearer deals damage to you, roll+CON. On a hit your body fights off the diseased essence of Nurgle. On a 10+ you steel yourself against the Plaguebearer and are no longer affected by this move. On a 6- you begin vomiting immediately, becoming vulnerable, and gain the Sick debility.

Move: Damage the Stone
When you attack the Antithesis Stone, roll+DEX if using a ranged weapon or roll+STR if attacking in melee. On a 10+ you hit the stone and deal 1 point of damage. On a 7-9 the same, but at a cost – the GM will tell you what. When the Stone has suffered 3 damage it shatters, sending the Plaguebearer hurtling back into the warp and ending its foul presence in this part of the mines.
Possible costs: Use more ammo, suffer Nurglenomics, have the Stone attempt to mutate them again, draw the attention of the Plaguebearer, damage a melee weapon