Mission: Tainted Conflict

Mission Briefing

Rumors have reached the Inquisition of cursed xeno technology being used in a series of gang wars happening in a hive city on __________. The Inquisition would like for you to investigate the legitimacy of these rumors and, if they prove true, the source of these weapons. The source must be eliminated and the weapons must be either confiscated or destroyed.


[__] The weapons are all different sizes and makes, but they share the same xenos origin: __________.
[__] Both gangs are buying the weapons from the same source, a man named __________ who is said to hang out in a bar called The Holy Bolter.
[__] A high ranking member of the Imperial Guard, __________, has been smuggling in weapons from a distant war. This officer is a member of the noble House Vulgahr.




The Brute, Leader of Hounds of War gang
Look: male, large, tattoo of a __________ on his face, leather vest
Drive: Command respect

Thraxa, Leader of Virtuous Scythes gang
Look: female, red hair, burn scars, lots of jewelry
Drive: Get rich
Weapon: Flamer and __________


Lord Harilius Vulgahr
The patriarch and current leader of the House Vulgahr
Look: Male, lavish clothes clothes, skinny and tall, ocular implants
Drive: Grow house Vulgahr’s power


[__] A bounty hunter named __________ is hired to hunt the pesky Acolytes who have been causing trouble.
[__] The Hounds of War gang start to booby trap their weapons caches so anyone who doesn’t know the right way to open them gets a nasty surprise.
[__] The man named __________ stops frequenting The Holy Bolter entirely.
[__] Both gangs buy upgrades to their gear, increasing their armor scores by 1.